Meet our VSA executive board for 2021-2022!


name: Julia Le

pronouns: she/her

year: senior, majoring in Biology w/ a Chemistry and Vietnamese minor and certificate in Asian Studies

Hi everyone, my name is Julia and I’m honored to be this year’s VSA president! A little bit about myself is that I live to eat, I’m pragmatic, and I give off huge goon/grandma energy. I’m an open person and I have lots of interests from cooking, gaming, watercolors, to even lifting. I’m looking forward to working through VSA this year and I hope to bring lots of new/exciting changes. On campus, you’ll probably find me in the WPU (6th or 8th floor) so definitely feel free to say hi and chat!

Favorite Vietnamese food: Bánh Xèo


IG: @j_le99

Internal Vice President

name: Katie Nguyen

pronouns: she/her

year: sophomore, majoring in Biological Sciences in the Dental GAP w/ a Chemistry minor and Studio Arts minor

Hi, everyone! I'm Katie and I'm so excited to be your VSA Vice President of Internal Adminstration this year! I'm a sophomore from Havertown, PA (right outside Philly). I'd love to visit Acadia National Park someday or go to any amusement park! Music is a must, mainly KPop and BTS with an appreciation for classical but will listen to any genre. I enjoy cooking and gardening, too! I love meeting people and exploring food places so let's check out some together :))

Favorite Vietnamese food: Bún Bò Huế (changes on a daily basis)


IG: @ktd_nguyen

External Vice President

name: Nicholas Pho

pronouns: he/him

year: sophomore, majoring in Bioengineering

Hi everyone, I’m happy to be your VP of external this year! Few things about me, I love learning random skills, because it distracts me from my actually responsibilities. During quarantine, I learned how to juggle 3 balls, roll a quarter between my knuckles and a bit of guitar! I also love to cook and explore to find different restaurants. I am also a newly bald boi, so feel free to call me monk, peach, or egghead. A few of my favorite artists are Mac Miller, Hippo Campus, J Cole, and Vivaldi. I’m always happy to meet new people so feel free to hmu on IG.

Favorite Vietnamese food: Mi Quang


IG: @nickqpho

Business Manager

name: Belinda Lam

pronouns: she/her

year: junior, majoring in Applied Mathematics w/ Physics and Computer Science minor

wahoo! My name is Belinda Lam but you can call me Blam. I was told to tell you about myself so here it goes... I am a proud New Yorker so catch me rocking Timbs in the wintertime. If you ever need to reach me, just message me at 2-4 am, I promise I'll answer back real quick. I'm kinda a boomer, so I am not up to date on the tik of the tok >.< I also recently got back into gaming (Valorant, Tetris, a bit of LoL) so hit me up whenever. wishing you all the best for the coming year, and remember to stay hydrated! <3

Favorite Viet Food: Cha Gio


IG: @littleblammm

Programming Chair

name: Ylan Nguyen

pronouns: she/her

year: senior, majoring in neuroscience / PA track

heyyy everyoneee!! My name is Ylan Nguyen and I’m so excited to be your programming chair for this upcoming year! I’m from Burlington, NJ and some other fun facts about me: I love anime and crafts?!! Some of my fav hobbies are painting and making anklets. Alsooo hmu if you ever have any anime recommendations!! I’m also into horror movies and all sorts of music, mainly alternative, r&b, and rap. If you wanna swap playlists feel free to dm me!! I love making new friends and chatting about just about anything. bye besties!!

Favorite Vietnamese food: Bánh Cáy or Bánh Cuốn


IG: @ylan.nguyen

Advocacy Chair

name: Timothy Duong

pronouns: he/him

year: junior, majoring in Neuroscience and Economics w/ Vietnamese minor

Hi, I'm Timothy and I'm the advocacy chair for the 2021-22 year! I'm really excited to work with you all. I am from Northern Virginia. In my spare time I like to read, so hit me up if you ever want to share recommendations. Currently I am reading “War and Peace” and “I Hotel”. I also like long-distance running and listening to kpop. A fun fact about me is that I once reached legend rank in the popular children’s card game “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft”.

Favorite Vietnamese food: Bánh Xèo


IG: @timothy_d7

Marketing Chair

name: Annemarie Nguyen

pronouns: she/her

year: sophomore, majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology w/ Chemistry minor

Hiiii everyone! I'm sooo thrilled to be your marketing chair for this year! I'm from Mechanicsburg, PA (it's LITERALLY in the middle of nowhere) and I am almost always sleep deprived, like that's going to stop me from staying up until 3 am. I have a special place in my heart for The Weeknd, SZA, keshi, and a plethora of Korean artists and enjoy meeting new people and bonding over food and boba so hmu if you're ever in the mood :D

p.s. I have tendencies to quote tiktoks like it's a personality trait so I apologize in advance.

Favorite Vietnamese food: Bò lúc lắc


IG: @ahnwin