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You can find us on the 6th floor in the William Pitt Union throughout the week, particularly in the ASA office (WPU 635)!

Email us for any business inquiries or specific questions. Feel free to reach out to us through direct message on IG or Facebook as well!


Q: Do I have to be of Vietnamese descent to join VSA?

A: No, you do not! We welcome everyone of any race, ethnicity, and gender.

Q: How can I join VSA?

A: The university has an activities fair at the beginning of each semester, so you can find out more about our mission, meet the board, and essentially see if VSA is for you! Don't worry, VSA is supposed to be a club where you can meet new people and make friends while bond over the many aspects of Vietnamese culture! It is not supposed to be stressful or time consuming.

Q: I missed the activities fair! Can I still join VSA or is it too late?

A: You can join VSA at any time! Simply reach out to us through email or dm us on Instagram or Facebook, and we'll get you settled right in! You may also personally reach out to any of the executive board members as well. Additionally, VSA will have office hours once a week in WPU 635 on Mondays from 12-6 pm. We welcome anyone who wants to stop by to talk to board or just hang out!

Q: I really want to become more involved with VSA besides coming to workshops and events! What can I do?

A: We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm! We encourage you to join our VSA committee. Applications are open now and are viewed on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. You can contact a board member for more details!