Thank you for coming to our event and to all of our performers: Borong Tsai, Angela Le, and Jason Dong, WUSHU, FRESA, and board dances! Furthermore, thanks to our special performer Thuy for a great performance as well as WPU Tech Services & Facilities for help with recording, lighting and any other tech logistics. Without all of you, this event wouldn't have been possible. We were so happy to see everyone having a great time and making great memories.

Thank you to all of VSA and CASA board for your hard work planning and running the event as well as VSA committee and CASA upperclassmen and underclassmen committee for your help. Your hard work truly shows and we hope you were able to enjoy the fruit of your efforts!

PR for the event! (P.S. check out our instagram for updates on our events and any fun activities we might be doing :)

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Want to check out the media from the event? Check the link below for pictures from lunar!


Once again, thank you for coming to the event and checking out our website. Feel free to browse around more and to check out our socials! We hope to see you at our upcoming events for a great time :)