Teach for Vietnam 2021 fundraiser

Each year, VSA aims to raise money to donate to one charity. The 2021 choice was Teach For Vietnam, as we believe education for children in rural areas is extremely crucial for growth and development for the young children.

"Teach for Vietnam is an independent partner of the global network Teach for All, which includes 56 countries working together to remove education inequality and build meaningful, sustainable systems for children around the world."

Quang Nam, located in the central region of Vietnam, has been suffering from an educational crisis, where a number of students cannot afford an education. Even more so, with the detrimental impact of COVID-19, underfunded schools were not prepared for the transition to online courses. 80% of underprivileged students in the area didn't have access to materials to support this online method of learning. Therefore, over time, this lack of sufficient education can lead to a long-term knowledge gap.

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Learn more about Teach for Vietnam's mission and vision: https://teachforvietnam.org/en/home/


We were able to raise a total of $1193.68 which is equivalent to approximately 27 million VND. Thank you for all of the contributions and effort in fundraising. Special shoutout to our Event coordinator, Mari Vi, for setting up the event workshop with the CEO of Teach for Vietnam, Trang Nguyen. Like always, continue to help us support nonprofit organizations!